We mourn and we stand.


"Do not fear – there will always be a poem, another long drive home and a hand to hold even if it’s your own. It is brave to feel loneliness and not shake in the face of it." -Jessica Therese


"The love is still yours, even when it is not given back to you. One day, you will believe yourself when you say you’ll survive it." -Caitlyn Siehl


"All the things I want to do/ All the people I want to be/ Sometimes I am so concerned/ with changing/ that I do not appreciate Me" -Lora Mathis


"I will not be pretty for you. Do not tell a writer how to shape language into a book. You cannot say you are afraid of fire when you hand me the match and then expect me to apologize for lighting it." -Kristina Haynes

Issue Three Interviewees

Come read interviews with three of our favorite artists & writers. This is softness. This is howl. This is teeth bared, cinnamon mixed with ashes, honey in your wounds. This is survival.


This is a safe place. We love you. We’re not here to tell you to stay strong, because you’re already doing exactly that. One day when you wake up in the morning, whatever hurt you will be the second thing you think of instead of the first. That might not sound like much, but it’s worth the wait. We hope you stay.